“When it comes to the blockchain, William Mougayar’s vision and insights are unparalleled. He takes us on a discovery journey with clarity and authority. This is a fundamental book if business leaders want to survive the blockchain’s upcoming whiplash.”

— Brad Feld, Managing Director, FOUNDRY GROUP

“Mougayar has written a highly authoritative book, charting new territory in our understanding of the blockchain. I strongly recommend it to executives who are leading their organizations into with the future.”

— John Ruffolo, CEO, OMERS Ventures

“Anyone who’s been at all close to the blockchain realizes just how profoundly this innovation could affect almost every industry. The Business Blockchain is an important book that offers practical advice and prescriptions for getting on with creating and realizing your own blockchain vision.”

— Chris Owen, Vice President, Enterprise Shared Platforms – Blockchain, TD Bank Group

“If you are thinking about your blockchain strategy, especially from the enterprise side, this is an important book that will allow you to understand the blockchain at a level you may have not enjoyed before. It is definitely a book to learn from. ”

— Ian Allison – International Business Times

“The book makes a complex subject, blockchain technology, accessible for the non-technical. If you think you might want to start a business based on blockchain technology or if you think blockchain technology is going to reshape a market you are working in, or if you just want to understand this thing that your son or daughter is obsessed about, then this is a great book to read.”

— Fred Wilson – AVC