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  • General Partner, Virtual Capital Ventures

  • Founder, Startup Management

  • Board of Directors of OB1, the OpenBazaar open source protocol that is pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer commerce

  • Special Advisor to the Ethereum Foundation

  • Member, OMERS Ventures Board of Advisors

  • Advisory Board member to the Coin Center

  • Advisor to CoinDesk, and curator to Consensus 2016

  • Former Founding Chairman, CommerceNet Canada

  • Mentor to startups at Techstars and DMZ Ryerson University

  • Top 50 over 50 Marketers, Brand Quarterly

  • Angel Investor

  • Former senior executive at Hewlett-Packard, Aberdeen Group and Cognizant

  • Founder & CEO, Eqentia, Engagio and CYBERManagement


As a professional consultant and analyst, William starts by understanding the context and unique requirements of each audience he addresses. Therefore, he typically complements his delivery with pertinent insights that are the result of his seeking to understand your objectives and your particular situation.

Living in a World of Thousands, if not Millions of Blockchains

Just as the Internet created new opportunities that we didn’t foresee in its early days, the blockchain is giving rise to new business models and ideas that may still be invisible. With polymorphic characteristics, the blockchain is unleashing a new wave of innovation and disruption for every industry. William surveys the emerging blockchain landscape, trends, directions and implications as we head into a world of thousands, if not millions of blockchains.

William can talk on any or all of the following subjects:

  • The many facets of the blockchain

  • What is the blockchain’s innovation potential?

  • Sorting through risk and compliance

  • The blockchain’s innovation potential

  • Understanding the blockchain’s touch points

  • Consumer scenarios and dreams

  • Business and industry applications

  • Implementing the blockchain

  • Blockchain and financial services


Decentralizing Everything: Going Centerless in a World of Powerful Centers

Decentralization challenges old ideas, many of them stuck in our minds for decades, if not centuries. Decentralization defies current governance and centrally controlled ways for running transactions and conducting business. 


Based on his research, Mougayar describes what he is seeing in decentralization:

  • Peer-to-Peer Models: how the edges of the network light-up and become participating nodes
  • Trust-based Systems and Services: how to embed trust across the network to create new services that don’t need central verification authorities
  • The New Flow of Value: why a new value supply chain is born, rivalling existing ones
  • Autonomous Organizations: separating the fiction from reality, and painting a pragmatic picture for this new model
  • Wealth Creation in the Crypto Economy: how to boot up a new, sustainable economy based on network equity 
  • If you’re at the center, you may live in a dilemma of restrictions. You will need to challenge yourself to figure out how to disrupt some of your central pieces, and align them to the new flow of decentralization.

Decentralization is already here, but it hasn’t been evenly distributed. Let’s be prepared.